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Last updated on August 6, 2020

Discrimination is one of the most important issues in our country. Positive and negative stories have abounded in the news in recent years, and the battle is far from over. Although much ground has been made, and our laws generally support equality for everyone, there are far too many instances of discrimination in the workplace. This discrimination can range from the most egregious firings to more subtle, systemic problems that result in discriminatory treatment.

If you have been a victim of discrimination in the workplace, you should talk with an experienced lawyer who can fight for you and protect your rights.

Attorney Athena Herman is an employment lawyer with nearly a quarter-century of experience. Athena Herman Law, LLC, represents clients in discrimination and other employment law matters in Peoria, Bloomington and throughout central Illinois. In most employment law cases, there is no easy solution without a fight. Attorney Athena Herman has a wealth of experience battling employers and their lawyers both in negotiations and in the courtroom.

Athena Herman Law, LLC, provides exceptional employment law services to clients throughout central Illinois. If you’ve been discriminated against, Athena Herman Law, LLC, will fight fiercely to protect your rights.

Protected Class

Generally, discrimination in the workplace involves unequal treatment of an employee based on that employee’s membership in a class that is protected by law. Employers are guilty of discrimination if they fail to hire, fail to promote fairly, fail to pay equally or treat an employee differently because of that person’s class membership.

Athena Herman Law, LLC, protects clients who have been victimized by:

  • Racial and color discrimination
  • National origin discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Religious discrimination
  • Military status discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Disability discrimination

There are other forms of discrimination, as well, and each point in this list includes many subtle factors and nuances. If you feel at all like you have experienced discrimination at work, talk with an experienced, aggressive attorney who will fight for your rights.

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